Recognised DDE/SW-B/Z-22//2002/194 Affiliated No.- UC-581/2730445

Welfare Society

Welfare Society was established as a non profit organisation on October 11, 2011 with the aim and ambition of initiating and spearheading multifarious and fruitful community welfare progrommes and setting up educational institutions par excellence from pre-primary to Secondary levels. The society was a brainchild and was founded by Shri ----- along with Founder Principal of the school.

After the registration of the society in 1977 under the Registrar of Societies Act (1860), the society conceptualized and started with a small unit of a public school in West Delhi area. With the perseverant, tireless and whole hearted efforts of its members and its founder,Shri -----, the society is now running the school successfully.