Recognised DDE/SW-B/Z-22//2002/194 Affiliated No.- UC-581/2730445

Chairman's Message

There are mushrooms of private schools/coaching institutes in Delhi as well as in various other parts of the country. But l am of the opinion that persons having positive attitude in life, strong will power, clear.

Concepts in mind and dedication towards the profession can always make their room at the top. We at Adarsh Public School have pool of such talented and dedicated teachers who have produced excellent results.

The School was set up in ---. Since then, the school is growing with the blessings of the Almighty, hard work and commitment towards the profession and is keeping a human concern towards our students, brings us nearer to the heights of achievement.

l am fortunate enough to have the association of very dedicated faculty and staff members without which these heights would be only a dream.

Our main motto is: Satisfaction of students and brilliant results.

Wishing you a fulīŦlling and brighter career.
With regards,

Adarsh Public School