Recognised DDE/SW-B/Z-22//2002/194 Affiliated No.- UC-581/2730445

About Us

Adarsh Public School is an English medium public school, co-educational Proposed Senior Secondary School, that combines the very best in educational practices, powered and propelled by a philosophy of education that is eclectic and yet truly modern.

The school is housed with state-of-the-art facilities and is presently celebrating its '17th year' of service to the nation. In keeping pace with the technological progress and the advent into the 21st century, the school has introduced Computer Aided Learning to make teaching and learning more effective. The school is affiliated to the CBSE and has acquitted itself well with excellent Board results over the years. The students have performed commendably in the CBSE exams. They find places in prestigious professional colleges.

The entry point is Nursery or Pre- Nursery as the case may be. The students who leave schooling, have always been knowledgeable, self-confident and mature individuals.

Marching ahead on the road to success, powered by a truly modern philosophy of education, Adarsh Public School positively holds a mirror to a bright and resplendent future, whose motto is appropriately EXCELSIOR.